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ISIS Herbal Fennel - sekemonline

ISIS Herbal Fennel

LE 30.00LE 22.00
Isis has selected the fennel herb from the bounties of nature, to add peace and tranquility in your soul with its good scent, and to add comfort and strenght to...
ISIS Green Tea - sekemonline
12 Bags, 20 Bags

ISIS Green Tea

LE 12.00 – LE 22.00
It protects against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's diseaseIt may help prevent type 2 diabetes and also reduce bad breathAnti-oxidant and reduces the risk of cancer ISIS green tea is...
ISIS Cinnamon - sekemonline
12 Bags, 20 Bags, 50 Bags

ISIS Cinnamon

LE 12.00 – LE 40.00
Cinnamon is a herbal medicine that helps treat digestive problems, including bloating. Cinnamon also treats diarrhea.Cinnamon improves memory functions, and reduces cholesterol and arthritis
ISIS Cumin & Lemon - sekemonline

ISIS Cumin & Lemon

LE 37.50LE 29.50
Cumin helps digestion by increasing the activity of digestive enzymes. It may also reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndromeCumin and lemon are a combination rich in minerals and antioxidants, which...
iSiS Black Pepper Ground 55 gm

iSiS Black Pepper Ground 55 gm

LE 43.75LE 35.00
iSiS ground black pepper has no preservatives and is rich in benefits for your health. It improves digestion and increases the body's absorption of nutrients. Also it may help in losing...
ISIS Anise Lemon - sekemonline
12 Bags, 20 Bags

ISIS Anise Lemon

LE 12.00 – LE 22.00
A new flavor of anise / anise with lemon flavorAnise is a traditional herbal medicine that treats digestive problems, including bloatingAnise is also used as an expectorant in coughing accompanied...
iSiS Curry Powder 50gm

iSiS Curry Powder 50gm

LE 28.75LE 21.00
iSiS curry powder contains many benefits for you health. It may contain anti-inflammatory properties, promote heart health. Also it may help in reducing the risk of cancer, reduce blood sugar levels...
ISIS Herbal Hibiscus - sekemonline
12, 50, 100, 20

ISIS Herbal Hibiscus

LE 12.00 – LE 74.50
Helps lower blood pressure lowers cholesterol Hibiscus leaves have a relaxing effect on the uterine muscles It has anxiolytic and calming effects
iSiS Spices Offer Buy 2 Get 1 for Free

iSiS Spices Offer Buy 2 Get 1 for Free

LE 68.75LE 55.00
iSiS Spices Offer (Black Pepper Ground & Ground Cumin) + Extra Red Pepper Free
ISIS Honey with Black Seed - sekemonline
250 gm, 450 gm, 800 gm

ISIS Honey with Black Seed

LE 48.00 – LE 129.00
100% natural black seed honey, the most impressive benefits of honey, is that it is a powerful immune system booster and antiviral, and helps soothe coughs, sore throats and fight...
ISIS Peppermint - sekemonline
12, 50, 100, 20

ISIS Peppermint

LE 12.00 – LE 74.50
Isis mint is known for its strong flavor and aromatic scent that immerses you in calm and serenity, making you relax with every sip. Relieves indigestion and nausea Improves the...
Isis Mineral Water gallon
11.L, 19.L

Isis Mineral Water gallon

LE 25.00 – LE 60.00
Well water, Mineral water, or Spring water