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ISIS Barley coffee - sekemonline
90 gm with mug

ISIS Barley coffee

LE 67.00LE 57.00
It makes you feel full and helps you lose weight It dissolves kidney stones Natural stimulant without caffeine Colon sedative Rich in vitamins and antioxidants that reduce the risk of...
ISIS Detox - sekemonline

ISIS Detox

LE 17.60
Protects the body from toxins and strengthens the immunity system to resist microbes.
ISIS Pomeregant - sekemonline

ISIS Pomeregant

LE 19.00
It contains antioxidants, vitamin C and many natural tonics that protect against diseases.
ISIS Guava Leaves - sekemonline

ISIS Guava Leaves

LE 17.60
Get the aroma, taste and benefits with ISIS guava leavesGuava leaves protect health and support immunity against respiratory diseases such as coughing and colds.
ISIS Green coffee - sekemonline
20 Envelop, 100 gm

ISIS Green coffee

LE 33.00 – LE 39.00
Helps lower high blood pressure Drinking green coffee extract for 8-12 weeks is said to reduce weight by a very small amount in overweight or obese adults. Reduces cholesterol level...
Buy Regime Tea with Lemon and Get One with Cinnamon For Free

Buy Regime Tea with Lemon and Get One with Cinnamon For Free

LE 74.00LE 37.00
iSiS Green Friday Offers Package 5 Buy Regime Tea with Lemon and Get One with Cinnamon For Free  healthy weight lossNaturally sweetened with stevianatural laxativenatural diureticHelps absorb beneficial nutrients from...
ISIS Sage - sekemonline


LE 17.60
Enjoy the benefits of sage and its distinctive taste.Sage supports heart health and the memoryReduces colic, stomach cramps, oral herpes and mouth feverIt may also help reduce throat infections.
ISIS Fenugreek - sekemonline

ISIS Fenugreek

LE 19.00
Nothing makes you warm and treats a cold like a cup of hot fenugreek mixed with milk and honey. Reduces blood sugar levels Start your day with full energy and...
SEKEM Herbal Tea - sekemonline
25, 50

SEKEM Herbal Tea

LE 15.00 – LE 30.00
Herbal tea for a successful diet special combination of natural herbs may help you to get rid of excess weight in a healthy & safe way ingredients: a mixture of...
ISIS Lemon Ginger - sekemonline
12, 50

ISIS Lemon Ginger

LE 12.00 – LE 38.00
Spicy ginger gives you enthusiasm, gives your immunity strength as it supports it in its war against diseases, and gives your body energy to increase its vital processes and burn...
SEKEM Laxi - sekemonline
15 Bags


LE 17.50
May help to regulate colon function & excretionChamomile - Anise - Tamarind - Chicory 
Jojoba Oil - sekemonline

Jojoba Oil

LE 50.00LE 25.00
The most benefits of jojoba oil is the ability to moisturize the hair, prevent hair loss.Jojoba oil Uses:Face moisturizerMakeup removerHair moisturizerLip balm