Medicinal Herbs

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SEKEM Herbal Tea - sekemonline
25, 50

SEKEM Herbal Tea

LE 20.00 – LE 32.60
Herbal tea for a successful diet special combination of natural herbs may help you to get rid of excess weight in a healthy & safe way ingredients: a mixture of...
SEKEM Laxi - sekemonline
15 Bags


LE 20.00LE 16.00
May help to regulate colon function & excretionChamomile - Anise - Tamarind - Chicory 
SEKEM Health Cough Herbs - sekemonline

SEKEM Health Cough Herbs

LE 20.00LE 16.00
SEKEM Cough Herbs may relieve cough symptoms Thyme leaves - Fennel fruits - Anise fruits - Guava leaves
SEKEM Winter Herbs - sekemonline
15 Bag

SEKEM Winter Herbs

LE 20.00LE 16.00
Winter herbs may help relieve the symptoms of the common cold Tilia Leaves - Guava Leaves - Anise Fruits - Fennel Fruits
SEKEM Stevia Tablests - sekemonline
100 Tab

SEKEM Stevia Tablets

LE 90.00LE 72.00
Natural sweetener alternative to sugarEach tablet contains steviol glycosides and maltodextrin 1 tablet = 1 tsp of sugar - 0 calories No aspartame, no saccarine, no preservative
SEKEM Biolax - sekemonline
7 Bags

SEKEM Biolax

LE 30.00LE 24.00
it may help to regulate intestinal motility content: plantago husk powder, lactose mono hydrate, orange flavor powder, citric acid, tartaric acid and sunset yellow E-110
SEKEM Mother Herbs - sekemonline
15 Bags

SEKEM Mother Herbs

LE 20.00LE 16.00
Suitable for breastfeeding mothers Caraway fruit - Fenugreek - Anise fruits - Fennel fruits
SEKEM Reno - sekemonline
15 Bags


LE 20.00LE 16.00
May help to preserve healthy kidney and urinary tract Composition : lemon grass - peppermint - parsley - celery
SEKEM Baby Calm Sachet - sekemonline

SEKEM Baby Calm Sachet

LE 29.00LE 23.20
Instant Herbal Drink for infant & Children Baby calm helps to relieve abdominal and distention Chamomile flowers - Fennel fruits - Anise fruits - Caraway fruits


LE 20.00
SEKEM Tinal Herbs 15 Envelopes Carminative & Antispasmodic Composition: Caraway - Chamomile - Fennel - Chicory
SEKEM Health Baby Calm Filter - sekemonline

SEKEM Health Baby Calm Filter

LE 20.00LE 16.00
SEKEM baby calm is made of well known & effective medicinal herbs Chamomile flowers - Fennel fruits - Anise fruits - Caraway fruits
Sekem Calm Herbs
15 Envelope